A one-man company

I’m the only contact point you’ll ever have.

Working with me is nothing like working with a traditional company. I do all the work. I’ll never hand over my work to a tired colleague. I don’t have a receptionist. I’m a one-man company. I’m the only contact point you’ll ever have.

Do you have products you want to sell online? I can help you with everything from design and customization to complete store setups with migrations, app integrations, advertising, and payments. Maybe your old website needs a new modern and responsive look? I can also help you with UI/UX design, CMS websites, landing pages, web applications, logo design, and rebranding.

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About me

I have spent more than two decades in the digital jungle.

William Stenberg

Hi, I’m William Stenberg. Swedish Freelance E-Commerce Web Developer & Shopify Expert. 👋


I’ve been working as an IT professional for 23 years. In my career, I’d say I’ve seen it all. I’ve worked with both small startups as well as companies with 1,000+ employees, and with clients in pretty much every industry there is. I know IT. I know all the dos and don’ts, as well as finding the most optimal and effective solution for my clients specific needs. I’ve had the roles of IT Consultant, IT Manager, Key Account Manager, and Software Developer.


Today, as a freelance developer, I focus on Web Development and e-Commerce solutions using HTML, CSS, JS, React, Node, PHP, Laravel, WordPress, Shopify, and Liquid.

Frequently asked questions

Four questions I get asked all the time.

You’ve helped us in the past (we think you’re awesome), and we need your help. Can we still hire you? You know, for like consulting, support, and stuff?

Yes, of course you can still hire me! I’m not throwing away 20+ years of experience down the drain just because I pivoted towards web development. I’m still available by hour, by day or for specific projects as long as it’s fun, productive, and beneficial for both of us. 👏

Freelance developer? Why tho?

Besides “The ultimate way to take control of my life, my time, my finances, my daily happiness while being my own boss.”? Nope. That’s pretty much all the whys I need. 🙌

What is Shopify, and what’s so great about it?

Shopify is one of the worlds most popular e-commerce platforms, powering over 1,700,000 businesses in 175 countries around the world, and have made over $200 billion USD in sales. With over 6,000 apps with specialized features such as inventory, tracking, shipping tools, and a range of price plans, Shopify is a powerful and secure platform to choose. It can be used by any sized store, is extremely scalable, and super user-friendly. 👌

Can you send us your CV?

Well, I’ve never really applied for a job. I got hired during an internship back in 1999, and then I’ve been headhunted from one company to the next. So, never got down to write a CV. If you want to know what I’ve been up to, stalk my LinkedIn. If you want to know more about me – shoot over an email, call me, or buy me a coffee/beer. I’ve got some great war stories. 👊